Welcome To Evil Week 2017!

Every year, Lifehacker celebrates the dark side of life hacking with Evil Week. From today, we'll be highlighting all the things you shouldn't do - assuming you're a good person. Let the trolling begin!

Evil Week is all about nefarious life hacks that can make life better for you but worse for others. We're not advocating mean or illegal behaviour, but as the adage goes; knowledge is power. How you choose to use that power is up to you!

During previous Evil Weeks, we've explained how to scam public transport, how to make someone's computer shut down automatically, how to lie effectively, how to snoop through someone's phone anonymously and, er, how to take nude selfies.

Again, we're not condoning any of this behaviour (with the possible exception of the selfies.) But knowing about these hacks can protect you from less scrupulous people.

Got an "Evil Week" hack of your own to share? Tell us about it in the comments! (We promise not to report you to the coppers. Probably.)


    Just wait for the complaints again
    Why would you tell someone how to do this???

      Already there are several comments on the articles from people:

      A: Not bothering to read the entire article
      B: Does not realize its the legendary evil week.

      Quite funny really :)

    Evil lifehack: if you want to send a letter but don't want to spend any money on postage, simply put the unstamped letter in the mail with your own address as the intended recipient and the intended recipient's address as the return address, with a big red line across the front of the envelope with the words "return to sender". At worst they'll deliver it back to you and you get to try again.

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