There’s A New ‘Premium’ Vegemite Flavour: Vegemite Blend 17

There’s A New ‘Premium’ Vegemite Flavour: Vegemite Blend 17
Image: @Vegemite/Twitter

In 1923, Cyril P. Callister invented Vegemite. 94 years later, we have Vegemite: Blend 17.

It sounds like a Nescafe variety and looks like it’s made of pure iron, but Australia’s favourite yeast-extract-snack, has a new flavour and only 450,000 jars are being made.

This appeared on the official Vegemite Twitter account early this morning:

It claims that Blend 17 is bolder and that the jar is heavy enough to crack through solid rock, apparently. Available for a limited time only and appearing on store shelves today, it comes in a freaking cardboard box as if it’s a collector’s item (I mean, it kind of is). The cardboard box tells us it was ‘crafted for a richer VEGEMITE experience with a bolder finish’

I didn’t know I needed a richer Vegemite experience, but here we are. If you can find one in stores, it will set you back $7 per 150g, which is a lot pricier than the standard yellow-and-red Vegemite that puts a rose in every cheek.

Stay tuned to Lifehacker where we’ll put the new Vegemite flavour to the test in the coming days.


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