Add Mint To A Vegemite Sandwich For A Great Flavour Kick

The basic Vegemite sandwich is an Aussie lunch classic. You can make it much more interesting by adding some chopped mint.

I encountered this idea while randomly browsing an issue of MasterChef magazine in an airport lounge last week during the No Luggage challenge. Junior MasterChef judge said that adding mint was an idea she grabbed from her mother:

Mum likes to point out that she is 'gourmet' because she has always put mint in her Vegemite sandwiches - it's delicious!

Having given it a try, I can confirm it definitely makes the standard Vegemite sanga more interesting. As well as providing added texture, the mint flavour contrasts nicely with the saltiness of the Vegemite. Got your own preferred Vegemite sandwich hack? Tell us in the comments.


    I put Vegemite in my toasted cheese sandwiches. It fills the same role as HP sauce.

    You're a weird dude Angus.

    I put Vegemite in with penut butter, honey and cheese! The flavours compliment themselves brilliantly! Gota try this :P

    Mint + Vegemite = ??? Rly??

    I don't know if I'm that adventurous...

    Everybody thinks I'm weird because my favourite thing in the world is poached or fried eggs on Vegemite toast.

      +1 on this... Any type of egg and Vegemite is awesome.

      holy crap!! i thought i was the only one.. poached eggs on marmite toast it use to be growing up but i just use vegemite now :)

      i'm glad i'm not alone haha

    Don't like mint, hate Vegemite. Guess I won't be trying your sandwich Angus.

      I luuuuuuuuuuurve Vegemite, but don't like mint leaves because I find the taste overpowering. I'm curious to try it but not so much that I'm willing to keep mint leaves in the fridge all the time.

    Hey, you only live once, right?

    Vegemite is evil. End of story.

    My girlfriend swears by vegemite and strawberry jam. Especially on toast or crumpets. I haven't been able to bring myself to try it yet, but I hear good things.

    Initially it sounds revolting even though I love both on their own. Going to try it at lunch.

      Just tried it. I'm afraid I don't think those flavours blend at all. Worth a try though.

    Vegemite and tofu also make an excellent combination.

      Forgot to mention: I keep a list of things to eat in Remember the Milk. The list is intentionally kept small since I can only eat a certain amount of kilojoules in my lifetime.

      The Vegemite and mint leaf sandwich is now on the list. Congratulations!

    This actually sounds awesome.
    I usually eat fairly weird combinations of food anyway, and I love vegemite (although my partner insists that marmite is superior. No. Just No.)
    & mint is pretty much the easiest plant to grow. Mum gave me a small pot of it last year, it got frazzled in the summer sun (the leaves literally went black and crumbled off). Then it rained and I had a mint epidemic - which is good because it goes with almost anything.
    Now even apparently vegemite.

    I will give it a try with mint jelly, see what its like.

    As a pommie off the boat, Marmite is far superior!

      Keep that nonsense up and I'd advise you to get back on that boat before an 'accident' befalls you.

    Vegemite on pancakes with butter and maple syrup is another nice combo.

    Will try this tonight !! Always on the lookout for Vegemite combos !

    Im for soft fried eggs on Vegemite toast BOOM!, Sprouts, cheese, lettuce and cucumber are all win on Vege sangas aswell.

    Vegemite, sliced tomato and smith's crisps on white bread. A family recipe.

    You're 2 months late...

    Vegemite and avocado on toast ftw.

      That is good, try vegemite and avocado on toasted rolls or muffins, a bit of lemon juice and cracked black pepper on top.

    Vegemite on hot cross buns is the salty/sweet combo of the century- get on board!

    Vegemite and Peanut-Butter is godly.

    Vegemite and Kraft cream cheese.
    White bread, not toasted.

      Isn't that just he new Cheesybite that was released recently by Kraft?

    Vegemite, Devon and Cheese sandwiches

    Peanut Butter and Cucumber sandwiches are an amazing combination. Will have to try the Vegemite and mint combo, although it doesn't sound that great!

    Not sure about the mint combination but Vegemite and mashed banana on toast is delicious.

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