How To Win At McDonald’s Monopoly

How To Win At McDonald’s Monopoly
Image: McDonald's

Macca’s Monopoly is back until October 17 and with a $276 million prize-pool, there are plenty of reasons to get involved. We’ve collected all the information you need right here, from the cheapest way to load up on tickets to all the free food on offer!

To play the Monopoly game this year, you can download the “Monopoly Game at Macca’s” App, which is a separate app to the mymacca’s ordering App. It’s available on either iOS or Android. To obtain game tickets, you need to purchase eligible products from McDonald’s which will result in either an Instant Win message, a Collect To Win message or a Chance Card message.

Macca’s advertise the odds of winning prizes as 1 in 5, a 20 per cent chance. The maximum number of tickets that will be distributed during the promotion is a staggering 154,278,834.

You will also need to obtain a game board if you are going the Collect To Win route, which you can find in the app, grab in store or print from here.

A maximum of 12,000,000 Chance Card tickets will be distributed. The odds of getting a chance card are 8%. If you get a Chance Card ticket, then you will need to scan it into the app or enter the unique authentication code, which will give you another 1-in-5 chance of winning a prize or nabbing a Collect To Win ticket.

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The Cheapest Way To Get Monopoly Tickets

The cheapest way to get a single ticket is to buy one hash brown for $2.15. However, from a value point of view, you can get two tickets for a minimum of $3.15 – the cost of a serving of large fries.

However, to maximise your tickets for the cheapest price, the best thing to do is use the mymacca’s app, which has 25% off all orders over $10 until the end of the promotional period on October 17. Thus, if you purchase four servings of large fries for $12.60 and apply the discount, you can get eight tickets for $9.45.


How To Win At McDonald’s MonopolyImage: McDonald’s Australia

This year’s Collect-To-Win prizes feature cars, home cinema systems, free parking and TVs. To redeem these rewards you have to collect the corresponding properties on the Monopoly board, pictured above. Like a regular game of Monopoly, the best properties (at least, the best value properties) are the Dark Blue “Mayfair” and “Park Lane”. If you collect both of these tickets, then you’ve just scored yourself a brand new car. Unlike regular Monopoly however, there are some pretty decent prizes on offer, even at the start of the game board! The full list is below.

Properties Ticket Colour Prize Max. Number Of Prizes
Leicester Square
Coventry Street
Yellow Sony Home Cinema System 9
Park Lane
Dark Blue Suzuki Ignis or Swift 2
The Strand
Fleet Street
Trafalgar Square
Red 1 Year Free Parking at Secure 4
Bow Street
Vine Street
Marlborough Street
Orange Sony 65″ TV 6
Oxford Street
Regent Street
Bond Street
Green $10,000 Cash 2
The Angel, Islington
Euston Road
Pentonville Road
Light Blkue HP Desktop PC 1
Pall Mall
Northumberland Avenue
Pink Caltex $500 Fuel Card 7
Fenchurch St Station
Liverpool St Station
Kings Cross Station
Marylebone Station
Train Stations $5000 Cruiseabout Cruise 1
Whitechapel Road
Old Kent Road
Brown Samsung Tablet 3

The Rarest Monopoly Tickets

Of the property tickets listed above, not all are available in equal amounts. It seems that for each colour on the game board, there is at least one property that is a rare find. The rarest tickets seem to be Piccadilly, Park Lane, Fleet Street, Marlborough Street, Regent Street, Euston Road, Whitehall, Fenchurch St Station and Old Kent Road. I reached out to McDonald’s to see just how likely it would be that you might run into one of these tickets but haven’t had a response yet.

Buying / Selling Monopoly Tickets On Auction Sites

If you’re looking for a specific ticket, it’s a good idea to head to auction sites like eBay or Gumtree and investigate. You may also find that some people are willing to sell their instant win items. For instance, a Gumtree user is offering their 12 months of free parking (valued at $7800) for $5000. Similarly, you will find many listings for wanted tickets.

On the other hand, if you’ve lucked into a rare instant win ticket but are looking to make some quick cash or trade for another ticket I’d look at offloading the tickets. At present, eBay has over 234 listings under ‘McDonald’s Monopoly’ with various instant win tickets and unused chance cards available to purchase in bulk. This is a cost-effective way to get a large amount of tickets, but you’ll have to wait for them to be posted.

However, the official rules of the game state:

A Ticket cannot be transferred by the Entrant who purchased the Eligible Product, to any other person, whether by gift, sale, trade, barter, auction or otherwise by ‘transferring to another’, and whether the transaction was initiated privately or in a public forum, including but not limited to via online auction or purchase sites (for example eBay and Gumtree) or used for any other purpose. Such online auction or purchase sites may not permit the sale of lottery tickets on their sites and also generally prohibit their users from infringing any laws, third party rights or the policies of the site itself.

Be wary that these sales can void your tickets.

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Instant Win Tickets

How To Win At McDonald’s Monopoly

Instant wins can be broken down into two categories: Food items and non-food items. If you land an instant win ticket, you are statistically more likely to end up with an instant win food item (64%) than a non-food item (36%), which will come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Below, we discuss the statistical probability that any winning ticket will include an instant win item.

Instant Win Food Items

There are nine different ‘Instant Win’ tickets that reward you with free menu items. Across the app and the physical tickets you can collect in store, there are a total of 24,736,289 items on offer. Of those, the most likely reward you will receive a Small Fries of Fruit Bag, which accounts for 28% of all the available free food options. The least likely reward are free Sausage McMuffins, Ham and Cheese Pockets, Bacon’n’Egg McMuffins and Sausage’n’Egg McMuffins, which only make up 4% of the free food Instant Win tickets.

Food Item Total Amount of Tickets Food Item / Total Amount of Tickets (%)
Big Mac or McChicken 989067 4
McChicken or Quarter Pounder 989067 4
Cheeseburger of Hamburger 1233634 5
Small Sundae or Apple Pie 3461734 14
Small Fries or Fruit Bag 6935784 28
Small McCafe Coffee/Tea 4450801 18
Small Soft Drink/Frozen Beverage 5192602 21
Sausage McMuffin or Ham and Cheese Pocket 741800 3
Bacon ‘n’ Egg McMuffin or Sausage ‘n’ Egg McMuffin 741800 3

Instant Win Non-Food Items

There is an absolutely mammoth number of non-food items that you can instantly win too, from car rental discounts to mobile phones, laptops, music downloads and all the way up to big ticket items like a brand new car and home entertainment systems. Of course, there are far fewer of these prizes available, so the odds of landing one of the big ticket items is much lower – but there are still some non-food items like sports lessons, $10 off activities like paintball and bowling and shopping vouchers.

Non-Food Item Total Amount of Tickets (%) of Total Instant Win
HP Desktop PC 1 0.000003
$15,000 Escape Travel Voucher 1 0.000003
1 Year Europcar Car Rental 1 0.000003
Samsung Home Entertainment or Appliance Package 2 0.000005
Lenovo 2 in 1 laptop 2 0.000005
Google Pixel 2 0.000005
Samsung Tablet Pro 2 0.000005
Suzuki Ignis or Suzuki Swift 2 0.000005
Caltex 1 Year Free Fuel 2 0.000005
Piaggio Scooter 2 0.000005
1 Week Europcar Rental 2 0.000005
$10,000 Cash 3 0.000008
Samsung Tablet 3 0.000008
Kobo Reader 5 0.000013
Sony Home Cinema System 6 0.000016
1 Year Free Parking At Secure 6 0.000016
12 Month Movie Card 8 0.000021
$5,000 Flight Centre Holiday Gift Card 8 0.000021
Caltex $500 Fuel Card 8 0.000021
Sony 65″ TV 9 0.000023
Yamaha Electric Guitar or Keybaord 9 0.000023
Klipsch Soundbar 10 0.000026
Weber 4 Burner BBQ 10 0.000026
Epic Electric Skateboard 10 0.000026
1 Month Free Parking at Secure 10 0.000026
Navman Dash w/GPS Tracking 12 0.000031
Sony Xperia Mobile 15 0.000039
$1,000 OzSale Shopping voucher 20 0.000052
Sony Portable Speaker 20 0.000052
Weber Family BBQ 25 0.000065
Sony Action Cam 30 0.000078
Sony Home Audio System 35 0.000091
Sony 32″ TV 35 0.000091
Sony Headphones 40 0.000104
Pushy Boulder Bike 40 0.000104
$500 OzSale Shopping Voucher 50 0.000130
Universal 1 Year Of Music 50 0.000130
Sony Mini Port Speaker 75 0.000195
$50 Pushy Bike Gear Voucher 100 0.000260
$50 OzSale Shopping Voucher 100 0.000260
$100 Caltex Fuel Card 150 0.000390
Instax Camera 175 0.000455
Weber Mini Grill 250 0.000650
Hasbro Board Game Package 300 0.000780
Monopoly Board Game 500 0.001299
$50 Caltex Fuel Card 710 0.001845
1 Month Quikflix Movie Streaming 1000 0.002598
$400 Epic Skateboard Voucher 2000 0.005197
Universal Music Album Download 5000 0.012992
$200 Epic Skateboard Voucher 10000 0.025984
$100 Off Escape Travel Hawaii Holiday 10000 0.025984
$100 Flight Centre Voucher 15000 0.038977
$100 Cruisabout Voucher 17500 0.045473
$50 Escape Travel Hotel Voucher 20000 0.051969
$25 Flight Centre Voucher 40000 0.103938
Premium Quikflix Movie Stream 50000 0.129922
Free Movie Ticket 60000 0.155906
$10 OzSale Shopping Voucher 125000 0.324805
Universal Music 2 Track Downloads 250000 0.649610
$10 Off Europcar Car Rental 300000 0.779532
Free Parking at Secure 500000 1.299219
$5 iSubscribe Magazine Voucher 1000000 2.598439
Free Sports Lesson 2200000 5.716566
Free Day Out 3650000 9.484302
$10 Off Day Out 5490000 14.265430

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  • Does anyone actually win the big prizes?

    I read somewhere that a couple of years ago, a woman tried to claim her prize of a car and Maccas accusing her of buying the stubs off of ebay and not paying out.

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