Everything You Need To Know About The Same-Sex Marriage Vote

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There's a lot to talk about with this year's Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. By now, most of you should have received your survey forms which asks one relatively simple question: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

We've collected together all the stories you need to read — from what happens if you can't find your survey to what a "same-sex marriage plebiscite" actually means. (Plus, how to score a "survey sausage"!)

Here's What The Same-Sex Marriage Survey Looks Like

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released a sample of the same-sex marriage postal survey that voters will start receiving from today. Want to know exactly what's coming in the post? Here's what the form looks like.

Same-Sex Marriage Survey: How To Change Your Address

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The ABS requires your current address so it can send out the survey form. If you forgot to update your residence before the deadline, it's still possible to make the required changes. Simply head to the ABS website and fill in the details. A replacement form will then be sent to your nominated address after 18 September 2017.

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What To Do If You Don't Have Your Same-Sex Marriage Survey Form

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By now, many of you will have already received your Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. But what if you accidentally lost it or it never arrived? Fortunately, it's easy to request a replacement. To get your replacement form, simply head to the ABS website and fill out the prompts.

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When Do We Get The Same-Sex Marriage Survey Results?

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The good news is that the turnaround time for the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey is expected to be quite fast. The survey results will be published on the ABS website on 15 November 2017. That's just eight days after the survey officially closes.

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Is It Legal To Fire Someone For Spreading 'Hate Speech' Online?

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Last week, a teenager working in Canberra was fired from her job for posting that she will vote "No" in the same-sex marriage survey. In explaining her actions, the employer argued that the post was "hate speech" that could damage the reputation of her business. Others have argued it is a clear-cut case of unfair dismissal. Let's take a look at what the law reckons.

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How To Vote In The Australian Same-Sex Marriage Survey

By now, it's likely that you've received your same-sex marriage survey form in the mail and you're ready to cast your 'vote'. We understand that things are a little confusing, so we've put together a video guide that will ensure you have your voice heard - whether you're voting Yes, or No.

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Revealed: Who Supports Marriage Equality In Australia – And Who Doesn't

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Much is being written about the relative chances of a “Yes” or “No” outcome of the same sex marriage survey. We used data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey (HILDA) to assess trends in the degree of support for marriage equality, and to ascertain the characteristics of those Australians who do, or don’t, support it.

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How To Be A Straight Ally At Work

A 2014 study by the Human Rights Campaign found that 53 per cent of LGBT individuals remain closeted at work. According to Catalyst, even when businesses attempt to provide an inclusive environment, individuals "still must face the inter-personal risk of 'bringing their full self' to work".

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Same-Sex Marriage: The High Court Challenges Explained

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Same-sex marriage advocacy groups believe that the marriage equality postal survey is unlawful and should not go ahead for a myriad of reasons. As such, they lodged cases with the High Court of Australia to block the postal survey from taking place. We explain the legalities.

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Marriage Equality: A Christian's Perspective

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Our country is about to engage in a public debate that has the potential to be incredibly spiteful and harmful. On one side, we have those who say that any pair of adults, regardless of gender, should be able to legally marry. On the other, are those who want to retain the legal status quo and maintain marriage as the legal union of one woman to one man.

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Here's Where Australian Churches Stand On Same-Sex Marriage

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The various churches and faiths of Australia have all taken different stances and provided different reasons for how their constituents should vote on same-sex marriage. We've collated the views of eight major faiths: from Hillsong Church to the Australian National Imams Council.

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Should Employers Tell You How To Vote In The Same-Sex Marriage Survey?

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Earlier this week, a teenager working in Adelaide was fired from her job for posting that she will vote No in the same sex marriage survey. Putting aside the obvious emotion regarding the same sex marriage postal vote, should employers be allowed to coerce you to vote in a particular way or fire you for your views?

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Australia's Same-Sex Marriage Postal Vote Is Starting To Look Like A $122 Million Shemozzle

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Ballot papers are still being mailed out, but a few key lessons have already emerged from the Turnbull government’s $122 million postal survey on same-sex marriage. Less than a fortnight into the voluntary national ballot, which runs until November 7, the first thing apparent is that the Australian electoral roll is a mess.

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Same Sex Marriage Vote: How To Get Your Democracy Sausage

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There are few things more Australian than the democracy sausage. Unfortunately, there will be no sausages during this week's same sex marriage survey. With that said, there are still ways to procure a democracy sausage when you pop your vote into the post.

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    It is a SURVEY not a F-ing VOTE!

    Earlier this week, a teenager working in Adelaide was fired from her job for posting that she will vote No in the same sex marriage survey.

    No. Please stop with the fake news Chris. Because that is becoming the defining thing in this hateful survey - Fake. News.

    The story was reported in the Adelaide newspaper, but she was in Canberra, and she wasn't fired, because she was not an employee. She was a contractor, and the business owner decided not to utilize her services any more.

    The only thing you need to know is to vote 'NO!' because it's ok to say no.

      If the best reason you can present for voting no is that you're allowed to, then maybe you should sit this one out.

    Slippery slope.
    Now "they" want marriage licenses.
    What next! Drivers licenses?
    Where will it end!?
    What if one of them gets a driving license
    and runs over my children?

    All these questions are not important. The important questions are:
    Why do need SSM?
    What difference does make the lives of same sex partners?
    What are they missing out on now?
    What are the implications of YES on the rest of the community?

    Welp, everyone is missing the basics.

    Currently, marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Please, tell me know many sexes are legally recognised in AU. I am willing to bet it's at least three: male, female, other.

    Now, check the wording on the survey. "Same sex". A 'male' and an 'other' are not same sex, thus they wouldn't fall under this proposed law change nor the current.

    This entire thing is a load of shit.

      So, in Australia, the sexes are male, female, intersex.
      Intersex refers to a person born with unusual genetic, hormonal or physical sex

      I think perhaps you're confusing sex with gender?
      (Which is understandable, much legislation is a bit wobbly on the distinction.)

        I'm not confusing anything. I mean, there you go. Under even the proposed law change, an intersex cannot marry a male/female. So much for equality.

          You are 100% correct.

          But let's be fair, the Australian government admits this is crappy, and is busy building legal protections for the 0.07% of people who are born intersex. I'm quite certain they'd just add it as an amendment or addition to a homosexual marriage bill.

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