Ask LH: When Do We Get The Same-Sex Marriage Survey Results?

Ask LH: When Do We Get The Same-Sex Marriage Survey Results?
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Dear Lifehacker, there’s been a lot of coverage about the voting and enrolment deadlines for the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. However, I’m finding it difficult to get a release date for the results. When do we get to find out which way Australians voted? Is there going to be a huge wait like with the Census? Thanks, Rainbow Warrior

Dear RW,

The good news is that the turnaround time for the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey is going to be quite fast. Unlike the Australian Census, the survey consists of a single question which should make the ABS’ job a lot easier.

Barring any unforeseen mishap, the survey results will be published by the ABS on 15 November 2017. You will be able to find them on the organisation’s website. (Naturally, we’ll also be publishing the results here.)

Interestingly, the ABS plans to reveal ‘participation rates’ by age and gender for each electoral division, state/territory and national. It will obtain this information from the electoral roll. However, the answer to the central question of the survey will remain anonymous.

If you have any further questions about the Same Sex marriage survey, our comprehensive guide on the topic is here to help.


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  • how would the participation rates be worked out?
    there would have been no identifying marks on the survey forms and the franked envelope wouldn’t be much of a giveaway either.
    was there a barcode or something on the form?
    if the participation can be worked out and the gender spread, age spread and the electorate(this is an interesting one as i can see politicians using this to their advantage as opposed to the general populace) are all attainable metadata, then how have they not tied the information back to the actual person?
    surely i missed something on the form when i posted it back.

  • what am i missing?
    if there is a way of identifying individual unique forms then isnt there a way to tie that unique form to the way a person voted?
    the statistics i learnt in uni tells me i have enough identifying information.
    especially given a compter would be recording the results.
    barcode XYZ voted A
    XYZ is person blah
    isnt that enough to tie the result?

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