How To Vote In The Australian Same-Sex Marriage Survey

By now, it's likely that you've received your same-sex marriage survey form in the mail and you're ready to cast your 'vote'. We understand that things are a little confusing, so we've put together a video guide that will ensure you have your voice heard - whether you're voting Yes, or No.

We've covered just about every facet of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey and now that forms are being mailed out, all Australians on the electoral roll have the opportunity to cast their vote.

But to do so: you have to post your vote.

We've created a brief video below which will guide you through the process of casting your 'vote'.

By following the instructions in the video, you ensure that your vote will count.

The results of the survey will be published on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website, November 15.


    "By following the instructions in the video, you ensure that your vote will count."

    Nice to know that the "vote yes" side are happy to outright lie about how to use the form.

    Well done Lifehacker, the perfect article which proves journalism is unbiased.

    I mean come on! Vote YES is a wonderful thing. But Vote NO is bad? How so? Love is love, agreed. But what does love have to do with marriage?

    You'll have to forgive me, but I just don't like seeing people force their own political views on others.

      You'll have to forgive me, but I just don't like seeing people force their own political views on others.

      So homosexuals not being able to marry for decades in australia is not having a political view forced on them?

        Obviously thats wrong and we all know that.

        But having a website forcing a political view is not right, and that was the point of my original comment.

          Lifehacker is not holding a gun to your head. Claiming Lifehacker is forcing something is either admitting

          A: that you're weak minded and will do something just because Lifehacker said so

          B: a simpleton incapable of independent thought.

          No media organisation is forcing anything on you. You can easily ignore them. See that big red x up in the top right. Try clicking it

    Because bigotry is bad, and you would have to be naive to believe the no vote isn’t being led by bigots.

      I haven't seen anything from the no side pretending to be a "how to make your vote count" instruction video which instead tells the yes side to destroy their voting form.

        The no side is too busy comparing SSM couples to pedophiles and child abusers.

        hm but they do make every lgbt person feel like absolute shit and scared for their safety. You decide whats worse

    The no voters know that many politicians will simply ignore the vote.

    They simply don't care, because the bigoted politicians will do as they wish.

      The yes side has admitted they will ignore a no result too. Whether it be immediately, or during Labor's next term.

    Has never been a VOTE! You are merely responding to a SURVEY! Enough of this "Vote" shit please!

      Yup, the whole point of this was to delay gay marriage as long as possible because Tony Abbott felt threatened by homosexuals.

        Tony got rolled ages ago (and wanted a plebiscite). The postal survey is Malcolm's baby.

          So that Maclom that originally stated he supported a free vote suddenly supports the useless plebescite after becoming PM. HMMMM I WONDER WHY? Could it possibly be the lunatic fringe right in the LNP told him to support it or they will mount a leadership challenge?

        @wisehacker is that downvote you denying the fact that

        A: The whole point of this plebescite was to delay SSM


        B: Tony Abbott is threatened by homosexuals. Remember, We have video footage of Tony stating this.

          Tony Abbott is a single backbencher. He can cross the floor and vote against it, without repercussion, even if the liberal policy was to legalise ssm. Whether Tony feels threatened by homosexuals is irrelevant as far as anything Malcolm does.
          Even if Tony was trying to delay it, Malcolm rolled him as PM over 2 years ago now. Malcom was leader of the coalition as it was voted into government after the double-dissolution. If Malcolm really wanted to legalise SSM quickly he could:
          A) Allow the private members bill, or
          B) give up his position as PM, and cross the floor to vote with Labor like he did with the climate change thing.
          The only reason he hasn't been able to change the Liberal policy, is that there must be a majority of coalition MPs that want a full public vote and/or don't want SSM.

            The reason he did not go against the Plebescite is because the hardline right wing fringe which supported Scardey boy tony also wanted the plebescite to delay SSM as long as possible or else they would chuck a sooky la la.

            Youd have to be a fool to think the point of the plebescite is to legalize SSM. If the LNP wanted SSM legislated they would have just done it. Instead they wasted time and money on this useless opinion poll.

            Malcom is being held hostage by the conservative right fringe in the LNP. The plebescite is Tony's idea. Malcom would have done a free vote but he would have instantly faced a leadership challenge if he did such a thing. And malcom cares more about being PM than ending discrimination.

            @wisehacker, Still havent answered my question buddy. You havent pointed out anything factually incorrect in my statements so im puzzled as to why you have downvoted both of them?

              so im puzzled as to why you have downvoted both of them?

              You haven't actually asked me a question. You demanded a response like it was some form of entitlement.

              Furthermore, you are just being antagonistic so I'm well within my rights to downvote on your unacceptable behaviour that simply carry posts of no substance.

              Whine all you want. This the only response you are going to get and is far more than you deserve given you have acted.

                So in other words you are too cowardly to back up your downvotes with substance? But please, do flee from the debate.

      I agree with this, it's just that the word vote has become part of the vernacular around this debate because it was originally a plebiscite.

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