Who Will Win Mayweather Vs McGregor? [Infographic]

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Boxing and MMA enthusiasts are about to square off as their respective poster boys meet in the ring to determine who's the better fighter. The smart money is on a Mayweather victory, probably by decision. But what are the fans saying? This infographic has a bunch of answers.

The mobile gaming outfit MocoSpace polled over 5000 Americans about the big fight which you'll be able to watch on Sunday in Australia. The questions ranged from who was going to win (natch) to political leanings (interestingly, McGregor has more Trump supporters in his fanbase than Mayweather.)

You can check out the full list of opinions and factoids below. If you're not into bloodsports but are intrigued by the carnival atmosphere of Mayweather Vs McGregor, our in-depth Bluffer's Guide has all the information you need to know.

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This weekend, fighting fans from around the world will stop whatever they're doing to watch Conor "The Notorious" McGregor fight Floyd "Money" Mayweather. It's a truly bizarre boxing mashup that is guaranteed to generate billions of dollars in revenue. If you're keen to watch the smack down live but don't want to pay TMT prices, here are all the cheap ways to watch in Australia.

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    The ring or the octagon? Boxing and mma were both preferred 42% of the time

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't see how that makes sense

      42% of the time, it's preferred every time. But yeah, what adrunkenman said.

    (interestingly, McGregor has more Trump supporters in his fanbase than Mayweather.)
    But at only 51% is that really something that is significant? After all we know that around half of the voters of the United States voted for him, so makes some sense really.

    should be a great fight

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