Eight Ways It Pays To Learn A Second Language [Infographic]

Eight Ways It Pays To Learn A Second Language [Infographic]

Learning a second language is something most of us aspire to, but never get around to. This is unfortunate, as it’s one of the most enriching skills you can acquire without spending heaps of money. This infographic breaks down eight ways becoming multilingual will benefit your life – from increased employment opportunities to a better understanding of your native tongue.

The infographic below comes from the mobile apps company Overpass. As you can see, the benefits of learning a second language go well beyond haggling the price of taxis fares in foreign lands. (Although that’s certainly a good skill to have.)

As we have noted in the past, it can help to boost intelligence, improve decision making and increase your lifetime earnings. You can see a full range of benefits below.

If you’re not sure how to get started, here’s an economist’s guide to the most useful language for English speakers to learn, and here are ten tips and tools for learning a new language. Good luck!

Our personal pick is Austrian, just so you can understand the bilingual lyrics of the late, great pop maestro Falco. Clearly this trumps all of the skills below.

How Your Brain Benefits From Learning Multiple Languages

Learning a second language is great for travelling and getting a better paying job. It can also make your brain healthier and prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

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[Via Overpass]