Ten Cheat Sheets That Will Make Your Life Easier [Infographic]

Ten Cheat Sheets That Will Make Your Life Easier [Infographic]

You only have so much room in your brain, and nothing’s worse than forgetting that one genius tip right when you need it. Stop trying to remember everything and pin these ten infographics to your bulletin board for quick reference on any topic.

#1 Know Who Protects Your Privacy

With all the privacy hubbub lately, it’s important to know who’s got your back. Luckily, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has an always up-to-date chart of which internet companies — from Microsoft to Google to Dropbox — are likely to hand your data over to the US government if it comes knocking.

#2 Remove Any Kind Of Stain

It’s bad enough that clothing care instructions are cryptic, but what happens when you get a stain on your clothes and need to get it out right away? Sure, you could search Google, but with this little chart from WonderHowTo next to your washing machine, you can get straight to stain busting.

#3 What Not To Do When You DIY

Tackling home renovations and repairs can save you some serious cash, but there are definitely times when it pays to get an expert in. This handy infographic identifies those times and points out other errors to avoid.

#4 Choose The Best Seat At Any Table

Ever go out to dinner with your friends, but there’s always one friend you don’t want to sit next to? Don’t get stuck in the hot seat: check out this little cheat sheet that will help you choose the right seat at any multi-person table, no matter who you’re trying to avoid (or who you’re trying to sit next to, you lovebird).

#5 Look Sharp With Clothing Tips Galore

If you’re having trouble learning what ties match what shirts, how to tie a tie, or even how a suit should fit, we have cheat sheets galore. Check out this one from Beckett Simonon for tie-matching tricks and this one from visual.ly to see how a suit should fit.

#6 Buy The Healthiest (And Best Quality) Food

Wait, when are strawberries in season again? What vitamins are in carrots? If you can never seem to remember, we have the cheat sheets for you. This one from Kitchen 101 is awesome, showing which produce has which nutrients (and what health benefits it has), all organised by colour.

#7 Choose The Perfect Office Chair

If you spend hours every day at your desk, then choosing the right chair is vital. This handy guide from Office Chair Unlimited highlights issues you should consider before buying.

#8 Learn The Ins And Outs Of Your Camera

We highly recommend learning the basics of photography, but it can be hard to remember everything, especially when you’re starting out. If you have a shiny new camera you want to try out, print out this cheat sheet from Miguel Yatco and keep it in your camera bag. It will keep you primed on all your camera’s different settings and features.

#9 Choose A Secure Password

When you’re trying to pick a password, it’s easy to make a mistake and pick something that’s too easy to hack. While we’d always advise using a password manager, this infographic from Killer Infographics highlights some of the best password strategies to use when that’s not an option.

#10 Learn The Keyboard Shortcuts You Need

Ah, keyboard shortcuts. Once you learn them, they’re the best thing that ever happened to your productivity. But when you’re first trying to learn them, it’s like trying to swim upstream. Luckily, there all sorts of infographics to tape behind your monitor — here are 60 shortcuts for Windows, Mac, Microsoft Office and Gmail to get you started.