Always Choose The Best Seat At Any Multi-Person Table

Always Choose The Best Seat At Any Multi-Person Table

When you’re out for a meal with friends, it’s easy to end up next to someone you don’t want to sit with. This handy seating chart serves as an aid to ensure you get the best seat every time, no matter the size of the table.

As the infographic explains, you want to choose a seat that puts you in the middle of as many conversations as possible. Generally, that means a central location, but when tables don’t have an even number of people, you run into difficulty. When you’re at, say, a table with seven people, you want to sit in the middle on the less-populated side. It gives you easier access to everyone and ensures you won’t wind up in the loner spot.

The infographic also contains advice on how to engage in conversation in some of these awkward seating arrangements and other helpful (and funny) advice. Click the image below to see the full version or check it out on thisisnthappiness.


Choosing the Right Seat [thisisnthappiness]


  • Here’s a post idea for resident language pedant, Mr Kidman. What is it with the growing trend to use “that” instead of a personal pronoun when referring to people?? (For example, in this infographic: “someone that sucks” where surely it’s correct, and “polite”, to say someone who sucks.)

  • I enjoy that this is exactly what we’ve observed the ‘that guy’ in one of my main friendship groups doing when we’re out. (See: The guy no one wants to sit next to…. the guy that sucks… because he does stuff like this.)

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