21 ‘Professional’ Camera Tricks Anyone Can Learn

21 ‘Professional’ Camera Tricks Anyone Can Learn
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There are many ways to take a good photograph: positioning and lighting, compelling subject matter and decent equipment can all play a role. However, it’s also possible to boost the quality of your photos via a few simple tricks. With that in mind, here are 21 camera hacks from the Lifehacker archives – from candid photography tips to cheap DIY accessories.

These tips, which were originally published in 2009, cover all aspects of photography – including those moments when you’re in front of the camera. Whether you want to make your own lens hood to create custom bokeh, look better in photos or capture blur-free shots without a tripod, you’ll find the advice you need below. Happy snapping!

Create Your Own Bokeh For Beautiful Photo Effects

What’s a bokeh you say? It’s that oh-so-wonderful fuzziness in the background of photographs with a shallow depth of field and accompanying starry highlights. You can create your own bokeh effects with a little craftiness.

Position Your Tongue Properly To Look Good In Photos

Take Better Pictures By Treating Your Still Camera Like It’s Video

Avoid Mediocre Portraits With These Tricks

Set Up A High Speed Photography Studio In Your Garage

Create Abstract Light Art By Snapping A Camera-Toss Photo

Be A Better Photographer On Vacation

Take Better Self-Portraits

DIY Tennis Ball Photography stabilisation Unit

Shoot Better Nighttime Pictures

Be More Photogenic By Forgetting About The Camera

Breathe Like A Sniper To Take Better Photos In Low Light

Create A Basic Ring Flash

If the DIY Fibre Optic Ring Flash we wrote about required too many specialist parts for your taste, check out this much simpler remix. The construction is easy and done with common household items.

Use Composition Rules To Take Better Photos

DIY Beauty Dish Enhances Your Portraits

Beauty dishes are great flash modifiers for portrait photographs, but even a cheap model will set you back at least $US100. Skip it-a surprisingly effective DIY beauty dish costs less than $US20.

Create Stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos

Gizmodo’s John Mahoney explains how to take high dynamic range (HDR) photos so that the results of your photograph more accurately recreate what you were seeing when you snapped the shutter.

Create Studio Quality Photos Using Natural Light

Make A DIY Photography Light Box With K’Nex

Take Great Panoramic Pictures With Any Camera

Panoramic software has come a long way toward making panoramic images child’s work. Great software or not, there’s no substitution for good source material. Take better panoramic pictures with these tips

Take Better Pictures By Studying Studio Layouts

Take Awesome Sunset Photographs

Create A Flash Diffuser Using An Empty Cigarette Packet

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