Star Wars, An Unlikely Source Of Inspirational Quotes

Star Wars, An Unlikely Source Of Inspirational Quotes

May the Forth is behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advice from Star Wars. Even with the haphazard quality of the prequels, you can find at least one quote to draw motivation from.

Over at Inc., Kevin Daum has put together a list of 40 quotes from across the franchise to help get you in a productive frame of mind. It’s packed with classics — even The Phantom Menace has something to offer — but nothing really beats Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back:

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – One of the saga’s most iconic lines, Yoda emphasises the importance of committing to an action in order to succeed at it.

I’m also partial to this quote, as it’s displayed every time you die in Super Empire Strikes Back on the Super Nintendo, which I played some much during my youth, I’m surprised the cartridge didn’t melt. It just made you want to keep playing; you put the controller down without disappointing virtual Yoda.

Take a minute to read all 40 and find one that’s appropriate for you.

May the Fourth Be With You: The Wisdom of Star Wars in 40 Iconic Quotes [Inc.]


  • I wouldn’t say this was unlikely at all. Star Wars has always been full of great quotes.

  • Star Wars, An Unlikely Source Of Inspirational Quotes

    Have you, like, just discovered Star Wars? It’s been out for forty years, and has been quoted for forty years, so it’s hardly “an unlikely source”…

  • The best one is not even on the list. Obi Wan to Luke “what I told you was true, from a certain point of view”.

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