Briefly: Microsoft Surface Studio Review, Dying Japan, Alien Star

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Microsoft Surface Studio Australian review, the latest developments from Tabby's Star, Japan's fertility woes.

  • An Australian fund manager who runs $50 billion says Uber is a ponzi scheme and is 99% sure to be broke in a decade. [Business Insider]
  • Gizmodo has reviewed the Microsoft Surface Studio. Their verdict: "hands down the most incredible piece of technology I have interacted with in all my time in this job." [Gizmodo]
  • Japan's fertility crisis is creating economic and social woes never seen before. Turns out when you're too busy to have sex, civilisation crumbles. [Business Insider]
  • That 'alien megastructure' (AKA Tabby's Star) is freaking out again. [Gizmodo]


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