Easter Bottle Shop Closing Times In NSW

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If you're planning to knock back a few tipples to celebrate Good Friday, you better rush out to your local right now: all NSW bottleshops are closed tomorrow as per state trading laws. This includes the big players like Dan Murphy’s, BWS and Liquorland.

Unless you're planning to have lunch down the pub, store-bought liquor is going to be very hard to come by tomorrow. Merchants are prohibited from selling takeaway alcohol in NSW for the entirety of Good Friday. This means you're basically stuck with what's in your house unless you make a last-minute visit to a bottlo right now.

Most supermarkets and convenience stores will also be closed, so if you need food supplies - now is the time!

Thankfully, booze hounds will be able to get their take-home fix on the public holidays that follow, including Easter Sunday and Monday. For reference, here is Dan Murphy’s Easter operating hours which most other liquor stores will be roughly following:

  • Good Friday: Closed
  • Easter Saturday: 9am - 5pm AEST
  • Easter Sunday: 10am - 4pm AEST
  • Easter Monday: 9am - 5pm AEST

Remember kids: drinking isn't big, hard or clever but we're all three so that's alright then.


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    Reminder: Australia is bigger than just Sydney.

    If you're not going to take that extra ten minutes to look up each state's laws, put the fact that you're publishing NSW specific information in the headline.

    Chris, you do great work often - but between articles like this and reposted content from the USA - whoever is responsible for controlling quality at the moment seems asleep at the wheel.

      I think that assessment's a bit harsh, particularly in regards to US content. We endeavor to localise everything we get from the US and only run articles that hold relevance to Australians. Occasionally one or two will slip through the cracks but our batting average is WAY better than any other site that uses syndicated content.

      As to the headline, NSW is mentioned in the very first sentence of the article but I grant the headline should have been clearer. This has now been fixed.

        so why only include NSW? people from the whole country read this site.

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