Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts
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You wanted: Easter holiday closing times, how to pack wine in a suitcase and white-tailed spider bite science. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Here Are The Times McDonald’s Will Be Open During Easter
    “Is McDonald’s open on Good Friday?” “What about Easter Sunday?” “Is it open on Easter Monday?” These are questions our intrepid fast food reporters get asked every April. Personally, we’re not sure how anybody could have room for a Big Mac and fries after all those chocolate eggs – but some Aussies have prodigious appetites.
  2. Reminder: Double Demerit Points This Easter Long Weekend
    The Easter holiday period is a bad time for road fatalities – so police will be cracking down on motorists in select states and territories. We explain where double demerits apply and the various traffic offences they apply to.
  3. All The Coolest New Features In The Windows 10 Creators Update
    Microsoft is doing their best to drum up excitement for the relatively mundane experience of updating Windows. Today’s release — the Creators Update — is a little more fun than the usual system tweaks, though. Is it worth its cheerful name? Maybe, if you’re a fan of MS Paint.
  4. White-Tailed Spider Bites: Myth Vs Reality
    Recent news reports that a man had both his legs amputated after being bitten by a white-tailed spider have again cast this spider in a negative light. Experts have since said amputations may have been wrongly blamed on a spider bite, and authorities now consider a bacterial infection to be responsible for the man’s injuries. Despite this, the damage to the largely harmless white-tail may have been done.
  5. The Easiest Way To Pack A Bottle Of Wine In A Suitcase
    A bottle of wine is a common gift, but if you have a little travel between the bottle you want to give and the person you’re giving it to, you want to make sure it survives the journey. Grab a pair of socks — here’s the easiest way to do that.
  6. Why Are You Still Using Microsoft Word?
    So you’re still using Microsoft Word. Seems like an odd decision in the year 2017, but I didn’t come here to judge. I’m legitimately curious why some people continue to pump their money into the MS Office Suite, despite mounting evidence that the software offers shitty security and a historically terrible user experience. So why bother?
  7. Here’s How The ACCC Will Monitor NBN Speeds
    Last week, the ACCC announced it will be keeping tabs on NBN service provider performance promises and claims via a speed monitoring program. We spoke to the CEO of Enex Testlab, Matt Tett, about how that testing and monitoring might be done.
  8. NBN Technology 101: The World’s Most Confusing Network Explained
    Remember when the NBN was simple? We were all going to get some shiny new fibre optic cable all the way into our home or office and we’d be able to enjoy 100Mbps of speedy internet access. Then the politicians got involved and we ended up with something of a dog’s breakfast – or dog’s vomit according to some. So, what are the connectivity options that the NBN will deliver and how do they differ? Let’s take a look.
  9. Reminder: All NSW Bottle Shops Closed On Good Friday
    If you’re planning to knock back a few tipples to celebrate Good Friday, you better rush out to your local right now: all NSW bottleshops are closed tomorrow as per state trading laws. This includes the big players like Dan Murphy’s, BWS and Liquorland.
  10. 10 Jedi Mind Tricks To Force Yourself To Start Exercising Again
    The brain may not be a muscle, but it can make or break your workouts. If you struggle with motivation or are just getting back into a regular routine, you should be exercising it to your advantage. Here’s some tips on tricking your brain into working for you.