Reminder: Plastic Shopping Bags Banned In NSW From Tomorrow

Reminder: Plastic Shopping Bags Banned In NSW From Tomorrow
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From June 20, Woolworths, Big W, BWS, and a bunch of other stores will be self-banning plastic shopping bags in NSW. This includes online shopping, which will now carry additional fees. Here are the details.

Following statewide bans in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, a bunch of NSW retailers have vowed to kill off single-use plastic bags in all of their stores.

From tomorrow, Woolworths, Big W, BWS and Woolworths petrol stations will stop providing plastic bags to customers. Coles, Liquorland, First Choice Liquor and others will be following suit on July 1.

This means you will either need to bring your own shopping bags into the store with you, or purchase one of those “environmentally friendly” bags at the counter. (Woolworths offers reusable plastic bags for 15 cents and canvas bags for 99 cents.)

The main people who will be adversely affected by this policy are online shoppers. Woolworths home deliveries will now carry a $1 surcharge per reusable bag – if you do big fortnightly shops, this will really add up. Alternatively, you can opt to pay $3.50 for a crate-to-bench service that involves having your groceries unpacked directly onto your kitchen bench.

The Woolworths Group alone uses over 3.2 billion plastic bags per year, so it makes sense to bin the practice. With that said, we’re going to miss them – they’re great makeshift bin liners and make photography fun.

Better stock up at your local Woollies now – we’re sure they’d be more than happy to offload reams of the stuff if you ask nicely!

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    • Meanwhile I bought a 2 litre coke and a bag of frozen chips at Coles on the way home and got a separate bag for each. Are they trying to run their stocks out.

  • one thing to note about the woolworths bags, they have a lifetime waranty, if it breaks, gets a hole, etc take it to a store and they will give you a replacement (if the email I received a few weeks back is to be believed)

  • We asked our Coles delivery man last night what would be happening to crazy amount of single-use bags their home delivery service seems to need. He said he hadn’t been told. When we’re at the point that they’re putting a bottle of cordial (that has a built-in carrying handle) inside a single-use bag, it’s definitely time for them to do something. They could just stick all the stuff in the crates as is.
    If Coles follow Woollies lead and try to add yet more cash onto a delivery I’ll not be impressed.

  • I don’t believe this ban will change anything for be because I use the plastic bags as bin liners. With this ban, I now have to purchase bin liners, thereby using the same amount of plastic bags as before but at a higher cost.

  • Absurd. Those “environmentally friendly” bags contain 6 times more plastic than the old ones. The supermarkets could have chosen to provide compostable bags, but would rather turn bags into a profit centre and shit on the environment

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