Is The New LEGO Discovery Centre In Melbourne Discriminatory?

Is The New LEGO Discovery Centre In Melbourne Discriminatory?

LEGO fans are some of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. Put a bunch of bricks on a table and pretty soon you’ll have a small crowd gathering, searching for a red two-by-one or some other piece as people build and work together.

But the new LEGO Discovery Centre, in Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre, is being accused by some of discrimination. Its door policy excludes anyone who is not with a child under the age of 16 from entering.

A recent Facebook discussion has comments like “Absolutely disgusted to hear that you will discriminate on grounds of age” and “To think I was going to plan a trip to LEGOLAND in Melbourne Chadstone only to find I can’t enter without someone under the age of 16. Guess I’m not going to this place now. Until the damn T&C’s are change” riffing through the discussion.

With LEGO being such an awesome way for everyone to flex their creative muscles, it’s surprising that the proprietors are limiting access to the centre.

The name of the LEGO Discovery Centre doesn’t suggest it’s a kids-only zone, so adults looking forward to some LEGO time might be disappointed if they arrive alone for a play. The official logo is also curiously corporate in design, suggesting a place where all ages are welcome:

It might be time for LEGO to consider either altering the T&Cs for entry or renaming the centre to make the purpose of the facility clearer.

And it’s an object lesson in making sure your product name accurately reflects what you are offering – especially if you cater to multiple generation groups.


  • Why do they need to change the name to cater to adults being upset at not being allowed in? Are these adults people who have never seen Lego before and are therefore upset that they won’t be able to “discover” it at a “Discovery Center”?

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