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The best way to get your kids into LEGO is to hand them a tub of LEGO bricks and say, "Here, go wild." But eventually, they may want to think even bigger and work with more bricks than they own. This free tool lets them build virtual LEGO models with about 10,000 different parts, and then purchase the bricks to assemble their creations in real life if they want to (and yes, they will want to).


If there are two things I love to play with, it's IKEA and LEGO. Both start as kits with a predefined purpose but there are so many possibilities. My two step-sons have birthdays coming up and they love LEGO. The problem is, while we have room for them to play, we really don't have a space where they can leave their LEGO set up so they can return to their games and adventures. So, we set out to create a portable play centre where they could store their LEGO and keep it assembled. Naturally, that led to a trip to the local IKEA.


It's a heartwarming idea to bring out that beloved old bin of LEGO you played with as a child and hand it down to your kids so they can experience the same magic. But it's probably safer to find a newer set. Scientists in England tested 200 used plastic toys for nine hazardous elements, and found that ten per cent contained traces of all of them.


If you have kids who love LEGO, you've probably shouted in pain after stepping on LEGO bricks. Those things get everywhere. Here's a DIY solution from The Handyman's Daughter. Using an IKEA Lack side table, a Trofast bin and some baseplates, you can create a play table with a drawer to keep the pieces contained.


Ebay, that most venerable website full of deals and savings, is turning 18 today! Happy birthday Ebay! Of course, with birthdays come celebrations and Ebay is throwing a huge party tonight, online, where everything will be 18% off!


So, you've been coerced into what seems like another no-win parenting scenario: It's LEGO time, and your aspiring Frank Lloyd Wright doesn't want your help in building an amphibious rainbow tank with 16 axles (plus wings). Even still, he's insisting on your participation because his genius must be witnessed (the brilliant ones are always so demanding).


LEGO fans are some of the most passionate people I've ever met. Put a bunch of bricks on a table and pretty soon you'll have a small crowd gathering, searching for a red two-by-one or some other piece as people build and work together.

But the new LEGO Discovery Centre, in Melbourne's Chadstone Shopping Centre, is being accused by some of discrimination. Its door policy excludes anyone who is not with a child under the age of 16 from entering.


Ebay is currently running a massive toy sale which features 20% off Lego, including the more adult-oriented Technic line, from a number of retailers. Here are some of the best Lego sets that we've spotted.


For more than 50 years, LEGO sets have been a fail-safe gift for Christmas. They're fun, creative, colourful and educational -- what's not to love? With that in mind, here are some of the hottest sets available right now for every budget. Whether you're buying for kids, brick hobbyists or fans of a certain movie franchise, you'll find something for them in this guide.


Last weekend, something magical was coming together at the Glebe Island Exhibition Centre, thanks to LEGO artist Bricktascale. It didn't really look like much at first -- a big, grey LEGO backboard with a smattering of red squares across it -- but over the course of the weekend it started blossoming into something beautiful: and the world has Excel spreadsheets to thank.