Stretch Any Body Part With This Chart

Stretch Any Body Part With This Chart

If you have trouble figuring out the best way to stretch a particular muscle, try this chart that has a huge range of stretches for each body part. The stretches are arranged into easy, medium and hard categories, so if the stretches you know don’t quite hit the spot, you should be able to find a good alternative.

Sadly, stretching doesn’t help soreness and static stretching won’t prevent injuries. But dynamic stretches, the right-hand column in this table, make a great warmup to help you get ready for your workout. And if you do any stretch on a regular basis, you can ultimately improve your flexibility. Try out some of these stretches, and don’t forget to click each one for a video demonstration.

The Truth About Stretching: When It Helps And When It Doesn't

We stretch for lots of reasons. Because it feels good, because it's part of our pre-workout routine, because a muscle is stiff and we think stretching will fix it. But most of what we know about stretching -- and thus the ways we use it -- are based on wishful thinking and outdated science. We're stretching for all the wrong reasons.

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