Make Your Garlic Last Longer And Taste Amazing With Garlic Confit

Make Your Garlic Last Longer and Taste Amazing with Garlic Confit

It's easy to end up with tons of unused garlic, especially if you work in a restaurant or grow your own. If you or someone you love is overrun with the pungent bulb, there is a simple solution: confit it.

Confiting - yes, like you would a duck leg - is an easy and delicious way to preserve your garlic, and the result is something that is rich, creamy and always ready for action. Once the cloves have been gently poached and the jars are sealed, these flavour-packed beauties are can be spread on toasts, sauteed with vegetables or tossed with pasta with no further pre-work required.

Even if you don't have an excess of the allium, I'd recommend picking some up for the express purpose of using the recipe linked below. If you're as condiment obsessed as I am, sweet and succulent garlic confit will be welcomed into your fridge with open doors. (Plus, it makes a great host or hostess gift.)

How to Extend Garlic Season with Garlic Confit [Epicurious]


    Please be very careful with this, as prepared and stored improperly, garlic + oil can = botulism. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) site has information on this.

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