Make This DIY Gym Bench To Level Up Your Home Gym

Video: If you love to build things yourself and have been looking to beef up your home gym, I have an awesome project for you: A DIY gym bench that's fun and inexpensive to make.

Get Buff, Not Broke: How To Build A Budget-Friendly Home Gym

I used to be in shape. Really. Two hundred push-up, 20 chin-up kind of shape. I would blaze through 50km ski trails. That, of course, was then.

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The video hosted by DIY Duke walks you through building a sturdy-looking gym bench from start to finish. At a glance, the whole bench is really only six separate pieces: Four 4x4 wood blocks that have been cut into 30cm pieces; a 4x4 that measures 94cm; and a piece of plywood that's 2cm thick, 30cm wide and 127cm long. Then you need lumber connectors and tools to assemble them. Doing a bench press on top of plywood isn't pleasant, however, so use memory foam and cover that with black vinyl to add cushioning to your bench.

Check the video for full details and list of materials.

How to Build a Gym Bench - DIY Dudes [Buff Dudes]

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