10 Ways Office Plants Improve Productivity [Infographic]

10 Ways Office Plants Improve Productivity [Infographic]

If you work in an office, you’ve probably heard that indoor plants can make you more productive – but how? This infographic explains the physical, psychological and financial benefits of office greenery.

The infogaphic below comes from the flower gift card specialist Flowercard. It explains the benefits of plants in office environments. In addition to a spate of improvements to employees’ health and happiness, they can also help to combat background noise, reduce temperature and impress visiting clients. Check out the full list below:

Not sure which office plants to buy? This guide can help! (See also: What Are The Best Plants For An Office? | The Ten Best Houseplants For Improved Air Quality According To NASA)

[Via Flowercard]


  • what are some plants that are optimal for indoor spaces? Are there any that produce more oxygen, require less sunlight, are easier to maintain, don’t attract bugs, etc

  • The place where I work is situated at the 10th floor being the top one and does not contain any of the plants, flowers or pots (neither original nor artificial) but it is still the coolest place in winters and in summers even.

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