This Graphic Shows The Best Air-Cleaning Plants, According To NASA

This Graphic Shows The Best Air-Cleaning Plants, According To NASA

Houseplants are awesome indoor air cleaners, but some of them are more effective than others at filtering out pollutants and toxic chemicals in the air. This infographic highlights the best air-filtering plants, according to a NASA study.

NASA researchers set out to find the best ways to clean the air in space stations. Their Clean Air study found the plants below are effective at removing benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene, xylene and ammonia from the air — chemicals that have been linked to health effects like headaches and eye irritation.

There are other benefits to having these plants around, we’ve noted before. The graphic below from Love the Garden shows you at a glance the plants that make the best natural air filters. NASA research suggests having at least one plant per 10 square metres of home or office space.

NASA Guide to Air-Filtering Houseplants [Love the Garden]


  • Interesting, but unless you’re living in some kind of industrial chemical factory, the concentration of any of those chemicals in your household air will be so low as to be negligible to your health.

    • Would you happen to have empirical data to back this statement? Thanks

      • The senses are the primary source of empirical evidence.*Wikipedia
        So I am guessing Dman has. Maybe you were after quantitative evidence, using something more than a nose.

    • Except where your house is new…and your house cleaner uses anything other than hot water and a cloth in which case it gives of a few of those. Peace lilly looks like the job.

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