Briefly: ATO Website Down, Camouflage Cars, Swimming With Sharks

Image: Supplied

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: How Ford thwarts industry spies with 3D car camouflage, watch what happens when a great white shark spots a snorkeler, the ATO website is still down.

  • Filmed in Lucky Bay near Esperance, Western Australia, this spectacular GoPro footage captures the moment a great white shark swam up to a snorkeler.
  • A thousand light years away, there's a planet with clouds made of rubies. Business Insider explains the science.
  • How do you test top-secret prototype cars on public roads without giving away trade secrets. For Ford, the answer is 3D camouflage.
  • The ATO website is down for the second day running. Business Insider has the story.


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