Briefly: ATO Bitcoin Probe, Aussie Dollar Soars, Must-Own Tech

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Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: the ATO is coming after bitcoin investors, 5 tech products everyone should own in 2018, Australian dollar back above 80 cents.

  • Here are five tech products everyone should own in 2018. [Business Insider]
  • 'Patches Aren't An Excuse.' [Kotaku]
  • ASIC is sending people undercover to monitor the behaviour of Australian mortgage brokers. [Business Insider]
  • Until the end of last year, cyptocurrencies weren't even recognised as an official form of currency by Australian authorities. Now, the ATO is working out how to make sure investors and traders aren't dodging their taxation responsibilities. [Gizmodo]
  • The Australian dollar is back above 80 cents. [Business Insider]


    That ATO article confuses me - I thought the whole point of blockchain was to keep a permanent record of every transaction ever made. If so, you only need a person's ID to search for every transaction they have made.
    The privacy comes from people NOT knowing which ID matches which name.

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