YouTube Roundup: Octopus Vs Eel Vs Human, Why Movies Are So ‘Meh’, Sort-Of-Ghibli

Here are the best online videos of the week, including: Three creatures battle it out at sea, the reason why the quality of movies has plummeted, Ghibli 2.0.

  • A snorkeler in Hawaii stumbled on this underwater scrap between an octopus and a terrifying moray eel and it looks like it’s going to be a tangled fight to death. [Gizmodo]
  • Movies seem to be getting shittier. Why is that? [Gizmodo]
  • Studio Ghibli veteran is releasing a new animated film that is very Ghibli-esque. Go watch the trailer. [Kotaku]
  • 50 most cringe-worthy moments in comic book history. [Kotaku]
  • Battery. Meet knife. [YouTube]