This Calculator Shows You The Right Way To Hang A Hammock

This Calculator Shows You The Right Way To Hang A Hammock

Everyone loves lounging in a hammock, but hanging one securely can be tough. This calculator will do all the maths for you so you get a perfect fit and safe mount.

You need to know a couple measurements to plug into the calculator to get the resulting hang points:

  • Distance between trees (or walls, or whatever you’re hanging the hammock from)
  • Hammock length (not including hammock strings)
  • Preferred sit height (how high off the ground you want the bottom of the hammock)
  • Weight of the person going into the hammock
  • Hang angle (how flat or steep you want the hammock to hang)

The calculator displays all this info in a handy illustration, plus the hang point height and suspension length (how long the rope should be from the hammock to the anchor). Now, when you create the anchor points for your hammock, you’ll know how high to make them so you only have to install the hammock once for a perfect fit. Try the calculator out for yourself at the link below.

Hammock Hang Calculator [The Ultimate Hang]


  • I know you’ve just syndicated this from the US site, but it’s meant to be Lifehacker AU. C’mon lift your game! Only 3 countries in the world still use imperial measurement.

  • If you are going to cross post, please at least update the picture to the metric version?

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