Make Your Own Duct Tape Hammock For Cheap Lounging

Make Your Own Duct Tape Hammock For Cheap Lounging

With about three rolls of duct tape, two large wooden dowels, and 20 feet of rope, you can make a cheap homemade hammock to turn your back yard into a prime lounging spot.

Instructables user Dadzilla made his in a US flag theme, but there are plenty of colours to choose from when you’re shopping for your own tape. Check out the link below for detailed instructions and more images.

Duct Tape Hammock [Instructables]


  • Hmmm,… Three rolls of duct-tape,.. I don’t know about the US, but in OZ duct-tape is quite expensive, add the rope and heavy dowel and you could more than likely buy a cheap hammock for around the same price, which, being designed for the job, would definitely be a lot more comfy and stronger. In my opinion, this is just a gimmicky way to waste tape and money…

  • @Nodeity, you’re right.
    Duct tape is pretty strong, even the cheap stuff, so I think this would be as strong as a bought hammock, but that’s all it’s got to recommend it. It looks much more uncomfortable and considerably uglier than a bought one – and all for about the same price (or more) and so much more work.

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