Build This DIY Hammock Wall Mount And Bring Summer Indoors

Build This DIY Hammock Wall Mount and Bring Summer Indoors

Relaxing in a hammock is the picture of summer. Bring this leisurely pursuit indoors by making these simple, stylish, hammock wall mounts.

Hammocks need two anchor points, whether it be a tree or something else. With some basic woodworking you can build two wall mounts that will support your hammock of choice (and your weight.) You'll need a router with a chamfer bit, a drill/driver and a jigsaw.

Source some hardwood like oak, some 7.6cm deck screws, and a 0.32cm steel rod. After you've cut, sanded and finished your mounts, make sure to locate the wall studs that you'll be attaching them to.

Keep your hammock up full-time or bring it out for a summer nap. Either way you'll have a fun new space to relax in. Follow the link below for the plans and full set of instructions. We recommend using a proper steel rod instead of the cut screw lengths he uses.

Indoor Hammock Wall Mount [Instructables]


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