Tell Us: What's The Best Gym Bag?

Tell Us: What's the Best Gym Bag?

We've talked about great workout gear before, but unless you're doing every workout at home, you also need a bag to carry everything in. Whether you're taking a change of clothes to the pool, or a bunch of workout gear to your favourite park, we know you've got a favourite bag.

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So spill the beans — do you love a duffel? A backpack? Or maybe a messenger bag with built-in straps for your yoga mat? My favourite gym bag is a tiny duffel (just big enough for a towel and a change of clothes) that my parents bought from a mainstream retailer. On the other hand, when I was playing roller derby and had to tote a ton of gear including helmet, skates, and pads, I used a rolling suitcase.

What do you find is the best gym bag? Tell us what you use it for, and what makes it great. If it's still for sale (unlike my American Eagle duffel), include a link. We'll consider the best bags for inclusion in our holiday gift guide.


    Under Armor Cordura. Great Backpak/Duffel Bag! the best I've used yet for travel and basketball

    I use an Ogio 2.0 fitness Duffel. Absolutely Gold and has thus far lasted about 4 years with minimal damage. Shoe pockets, plenty of storage without being a bottomless pit, breathes well and takes a beating. Got it off eBay, but here's how it looks:

    Aer SF Duffel Pack, changed my life

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