Make Delicious Complex-Tasting Cocktails At Home With Just Two Ingredients

Complex cocktails with five or more ingredients are certainly very popular, but you can get big flavour with just two ingredients by making what’s called a “50/50”.

Photo by Geoff Peters.

The 50/50 is pretty much what it sounds like: Equal parts of two different spirits, with one or both of them being liqueurs. Though 50/50’s started out as shots, they’re a great way to pack a ton of nuance into a sippable, tasty beverage. My favourite is the Ferrari (equal parts Fernet Branca and Campari), which is bracingly minty, bitter and herbaceous, but Punch has a couple of other tasty suggestions via the upcoming book Amaro (click the link below for the complete list):

Some of these are kind of fancy, but the 50/50 philosophy can be applied to almost any (decently stocked) liquor cabinet. Just pour equal parts (eyeballed is fine) of two different spirits, over a big rock and stir, aiming for at least one of the spirits to be a taste-packed amaro or vermouth. Just be careful though; 50/50’s are easy to make, and easy to drink, and they pack quite the punch.

How the 50/50 Became More Than Just a Shot [Punch]