Swap In Cava Instead Of Champagne For Better, Cheaper Bubbly Cocktails And Punch

Bubbly cocktails and punch are easy to make and fun for parties, but champagne isn't always your best option. If you're mixing up sparkling drinks for a crowd, here's why you should reach for cava instead.

Image from froderik.

Champagne is tasty, but its delicate flavour can get lost when mixed with other ingredients, like in a bowl full of punch, or a three or four ingredient cocktail. Cava's bright, crisp notes lend themselves well to sparkling cocktails and punch, especially since it won't add much sweetness, and leaves room for other ingredients to shine. Finally, while you can find affordable bottles of champagne, you're more likely to find a broader selection of price-competitive cava compared to the often-pricier bubblies in your local wine store — which means you get more punch for your party for your money.

Why Cava Is the Best Bubbly Wine for Punch [The Kitchn]


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