Australia’s Internet Satisfaction Has Hit Rock Bottom

Australians have one of the lowest broadband satisfaction ratings in the world, with a new Ipsos poll ranking us 23rd out of 26 countries. South Korea, with its average peak connection speed of 95.3Mbps, topped the list. (Well, duh.) The NBN clearly isn’t doing its job.

A new broadband satisfaction report from research firm Ipsos has shown Aussies still aren’t happy with their internet speed or reliability. In a ranking of 26 countries based on respondents’ level of satisfaction with high-speed broadband, Australia came in at a lowly 23. (Brazil, Peru and Italy were the only nations with fewer satisfied users.)

Just 38 per cent of Australians surveyed described broadband as “very or fairly good”. By comparison, South Korea and the US had a “very or fairly good” broadband rating of 70 per cent and 68 per cent, respectively. Australia was also well below the global average of 54 per cent.

Here’s the full table:

So does this mean Australia’s internet is among the worst in the world? Not quite. While we’ll never defend the politicised mess that is our national broadband network, much of our dissatisfaction arguably stems from “what could have been”, rather than genuine connectivity problems.

In short, our expectations are probably higher than many other countries on this list — precisely because of what we were falsely promised. If nbn wants to complain about unrealistic customer demands, they only have themselves to blame.

[Via SMH]

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