How To Successfully Haggle Online And In Person [Infographic]

You may be surprised how useful it can be to haggle for just about anything, from rent to furniture. If you need help, this graphic and video can help you get started.

From asking Live Chat agents on shopping sites if they have any coupon codes to putting items in your cart and leaving them for a while to see if the retailer actually reaches out with a discount, there are even passive ways to get a better price without having to go back and forth.

If you do feel more aggressive, reaching out to companies on social media for coupon codes is one way to get your toes into haggling, as is asking retailers to price match products instead of just giving you a discount. The graphic is full of other methods too, so hit play on the video above, or scroll down to read more.

A Guide to Haggling, Online and In Person, for Things You Didn't Know Were Negotiable

[Via OnStride]


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