Start Your Haggling At 35% Off When Travelling

Start Your Haggling At 35% Off When Travelling

Local markets are part of the charm of travelling. In many cultures, merchants expect you to haggle. Those unfamiliar with the process should start the haggling at 35% off.

Photo by Pedro Szekely

Travel blog Tourist Meets Traveller has a post on the proper way to haggle for a better price, in which they suggest 35% as a good starting point. If that seems too hard to calculate,just slice a third off then add a little. Check out the link for other haggling suggestions and avoid paying too much when travelling.

Do's and Don't to Haggle Like a Pro [Tourist Meets Traveller]


  • The original article says “Generally speaking, 35% is a good place to begin your bargaining,” not “35% off”. Any hagglers out there likely to suggest which is more likely to be correct?

    • Agreed.
      I would start at 25% of asking price.
      So if they start at $20 I would offer $5

      Places like Kuala Lumpur you’d usually then close around $7 – $8.

      The worst they can do is say no and keep haggling.

  • “just slice a third off then add a little” That wouldn’t give you 35% off, it would give you less than 33% off.
    Do you mean slice a third off, then subtract a little bit more?

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