Ready The Pitchforks: ACCC Wants Your ‘Thoughts’ On The NBN

Ready The Pitchforks: ACCC Wants Your ‘Thoughts’ On The NBN

The ACCC wants your feedback about the National Broadband Network in its current form. A national Communications Sector Market Study will help to determine how successfully Australia is transitioning to the NBN. In other words, it’s an important opportunity for us to vent about backwards technology and sub par internet speeds…

The ACCC has announced a Communications Sector Market Study that is open to both industry and consumers. The study will cover a range of NBN-related issues, including average data demands, transitioning to new technologies and whether consumer expectations are being met. It’s this last one that concerns most of you. If you feel like you’ve been given short thrift — either due to shoddy FTTN connectivity or lack of options in your area, now is the time to make your voice heard.

Internet Australia (IA) released a statement about the market study that essentially flags what it thinks respondees should be zeroing in on: namely, the dogged re-use of Telstra’s copper wires over vastly superior fibre.

“Without pre-empting what the ACCC might conclude, it is our view that under the Government’s current directions the NBN will not be fit-for-purpose within 10 to 15 years. So it can only be hoped that the study will result in a much needed re-think about the communications infrastructure required for Australia to actually become an innovation nation.

“One of the benefits of a monitoring and reporting scheme is that it would once and for all establish the speed differentials between the copper-based FTTN network and the technically superior FTTP network. No doubt this issue will be considered by the ACCC in its Communications Sector Market Study.”

The ACCC is accepting submissions from now until 14 October, which means you have just over a month to let your voice be heard. The submissions will form the basis of a findings report to be released in 2017.

To get involved, head to the ACCC’s online consultation hub and make your submission. (The hub also includes instructions for consumers, businesses and smaller retail service.) Alternatively, you can email the ACCC directly.


  • That inbox will make painful reading I reckon.
    At the end of the day, reusing copper is proving a headache for anyone involved, including the customer. Then throw in some of the issues around NBNco’s policies on customer service (they miss their chosen install date, back of the queue for you etc) and there might not be too many positives for them read through.

    • Nope, is NBN that do the installations/activations.

      May be organised through the RSP, but it’s NBN that do it. And hence subject to an astounding lack of end-customer service.

  • Re-using Telstra and Optus obsolete networks is not an NBN.
    It is a fraud – a great big lie.

  • NBN, what, which when…..WHEREIS NBN. WHYNOT connected, mid-Gold Coast, large housing estate, 2 minutes drive to the M1. Commonwealth Games arrive in 2018 ……. the Internet will be slower than a turtle in a mud-hole.
    Advance Australia …… fair dinkum, what is the start date for advancing, Australia…..??

  • Compare this to power, water and gas. You wouldn’t find it acceptable if some houses only got 150 volts, but had to pay the same. You wouldn’t find it acceptable if some houses got water pressure too low to use a hose. You wouldn’t find it acceptable if gas went on and off to some houses, and if it was all based on luck.
    Yet with NBN, another essential service, apparently retailers are supposed to somehow provide service under these conditions.

  • Would love to complain, if I even had an NBN connection! My area was “Ready” at the start of the year. I ordered 22nd June and I’m still waiting September 15th. #NBN_NothingButNegligence

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