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Fun fact: Belong is quite literally 'budget Telstra'. Telstra runs Belong as its discount mobile and internet brand, and in many cases, undercuts its mainline products. Belong even has some of the cheapest plans available on the Telstra network, with options starting at $10 per month. Here's how each plan compares.


After years of waiting, my home has finally been connected to Australia's halfbaked NBN. Our street was connected with hybrid fibre-coaxial and I'm now enjoying internet speeds our American friends took for granted in the nineties. As I had to change internet providers, it was a good time to test the latest home networking products available.


Having issues with your internet streaming quality and can't figure out why? Netflix's 'Fast' web app might be able to help: it tests your mobile and broadband speeds instantly with no need to download or click anything. Handily, the service is free to use whether you're a Netflix user or not.


Google Chrome is the world's most popular browser. It's also bloated and resource-hungry, which can lead to a sluggish user experience. Fortunately, Google is looking to fix this via a new inbuilt feature that will automatically block heavy-load ads. Here's what you need to know.


A laggy internet connection is the last thing you want when playing online games. It can also ruin an online movie and even cause problems while making rapid searches on Google. This is sometimes caused by deliberate internet throttling - and your internet service provider (ISP) is to blame.


Lack of speed kills: finally NBN Co is thinking about a genuinely 21st century offering for customers. But the damage has already been done. The mess made of the National Broadband Network was entirely predictable and can be attributed to politicians forgetting three basic rules of economics.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) this week released its sixth report on real-world NBN speeds, and the results weren’t too bad. Providers are now delivering between 80.4% and 86.7% of maximum plan speeds during peak usage hours of 7pm - 11pm. Here's how the major ISPs compared.


Signing up for a new NBN plan can feel a bit like a game of Russian roulette. There are so many factors that can affect the speed and quality of your connection, and no one wants to get stuck with a shitty service.

While not all providers are equal, some are doing a bang-up job of delivering high quality NBN. Thanks to the ACCC’s “Measuring Broadband Australia” program – which relies on real world testing data from Australian households – we’ve got a better idea of who they are.


Once upon a time, practically every Australian was promised a National Broadband Network connection capable of reaching speeds of one thousand megabits per second. Fast-forward to the present and you're lucky to get one tenth of that, even on the fastest plans available.

Thankfully, iiNet has stepped up to the plate with a plan of its own that guarantees 1Gbps speeds, both up and down. The only catch is that it will cost you $799. Per month.