These DIY Coffee 'Pods' Make Brewing On The Go Easy

Spring is almost upon us and it's a good time to start planning some camping trips. You have to get creative when you cook while camping, or anywhere else you may not have a ton of gear. Whip up these DIY coffee packs before you head out to make brewing your morning cup as easy as it gets.

You need ground coffee (fresh is best,) a scoop, some coffee filters, and unflavored dental floss or other thin string. For each pack, put a filter in a shallow cup or bowl, add in a scoop of coffee, then tie tightly with the dental floss. If you'll be brewing coffee for more than one person, add a couple more scoops before tying up the pack. It's as simple as you're imagining it, but it works extremely well.

When you're out camping, or just stuck in a hotel room with no coffeemaker, throw a coffee pack into some boiling water and let it brew. Alternatively, you can add the pack to a thermos and pour in hot water. You don't have to deal with measuring coffee on the spot or messing with a kettle or coffee maker.

DIY Coffee Pods for Camping [Alaska Granny (YouTube)]


    Give it a kick along with 1/4tsp of good freeze dried instant per cup

    Or get a minipresso and hand-pump espresso coffee?

    Or you could just buy coffee bags from a supermarket and save hours (

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