Simplify Your Tea Brewing By Making It In A Coffee Pot

If you need to make more than just a cup or two of tea, you can brew it all at once (and keep it warm) by making it in a coffee pot.

DIY web site WikiHow details how to do it, noting that it's quite useful if you need a large volume of tea. It isn't all that different from making coffee, except you don't use a filter and you place a tea bag or two in the filter basket. Hit the link to see the step-by-step instructions.

How to Make Tea Using a Coffee Pot [WikiHow]


    No. Just no.

    Tea in a bag in any form is just wrong.

    I can't think of any good use for teabags outside of war or natural disasters.

      How about convenience, and less mess?

        You know what's more convenient and has less mess? Using nothing at all. Do it right or don't bother.

      I came here to say: no, but it sounds like it was covered. :)

    Though I adore my "real" tea I must say tea bags are very convenient. I use both. Though I'll never put them I my coffee perc, THAT is the wrong part of this.

    The water will be nowhere near boiling point so whatever the resulting brown coloured liquid is, it certainly isn't drinkable tea.

    There is a special vessel that is designed to do the same thing that has been around for a few centuries: it's called a teapot.

    This is an insult to tea and coffee lovers. (I am a lover of both).
    I agree with Sean - do it right or don't bother.

    It's been said a few times already but just to make sure the point is coming across (coming from a tea & coffee drinker).


    I use a thermos like a tea pot. Real tea, boiling water and good, non stewed tea for 3-4 hours. Tea bags are an abomination useful only in dire emergencys.

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