The Work And Play Dual-Purpose Workspace

The Work And Play Dual-Purpose Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is one part battlestation and one part productive home office. Altogether, it’s an impressive setup with lots of gadgets to appreciate.

The setup belongs to Imgur user breoidneo, who details just about everything in the photos of his workspace. The desk tops are custom-made from walnut hardwood, there are two Dell U2415H monitors on the work side and three U3415W monitors for the gaming side, Varmilo mechanical keyboards, a Dell XPS 13 for work, and a custom-built PC for the battlestation. Check out more details and detailed photos in the link below.

Battlestation Setup + Gadgets [Imgur]


  • I’ve got a similar setup but side by side – I just slide my chair over.

    Being able to switch between the 2 is super handy when you’re effectively “on-call” but not really working.

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