The Arcade Work And Play Space

The Arcade Work And Play Space

Over at Flickr, tadashiiman shares these beautiful photos of where he works, plays, and makes art, and we couldn’t be more in love. A standing arcade cabinet, dual-display setup, and solid sound? We’re down.

The photo above is a panoramic shot of the whole office. Here’s one specifically of the desk and computer setup, along with those lovely speakers and the vertical dual-desktop configuration.

He gives us a little insight into his setup:

Overall look at my desk. The workstation is a 8 core xeon with 32gigs of ram and a GTX 970. The chair is a DXRacer Zero series. The lower monitor is a 24″ IPS LG, the top one is a 23″ Samsung. I use a vertical setup because i don’t like rotating my head too much. with this setup I always have both screens in my line of sight. I made the monitors mount myself.

Here’s a closer look, straight on, of that workstation:

Over on the other side of the room is tadashiiman’s MAME arcade cabinet, which he made himself, and keeps right across the room so he can blow off some steam or take a break. He notes:

I built this MAME arcade machine so I can have a quick play when I feel like it. It’s a blazing fast PC with SSD memory so I can switch on and off quickly. I also need my work bench nearby because I love fixing electronics especially in my old consoles.

All in all, it’s a great space, and while it’s not strictly a “workspace” because it’s for work and play, we think that’s true for any space we share like this. Also, check out the games on the shelves back there too.

Panoramic view [Flickr]