Spiralise Woody Broccoli Stems Into Tasty ‘Noodles’

Spiralise Woody Broccoli Stems Into Tasty ‘Noodles’

When it comes to broccoli, the florets get all the glory, with the stems being (unfairly) maligned as “woody” and “tough”. Being a contrarian weirdo, I actually prefer the stems, but even I hadn’t thought to spiralise them into tasty faux “noodles”. Photo by Rick Harris.

The stem’s tough physique is what makes it such a great candidate for spiralising. In fact, the thicker the stems, the better the broccoli noodle. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the little pieces sticking out, then insert the stem into the spiraliser, thicker end first. Once they’re all noodle-y and ready for action, toss them with a protein and tasty sauce (like this beef and broccoli recipe from Skinnytaste) or use them as the base for hearty salad.

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  • not just peel the little bit sticking out. but peel the whole stem., tying to leave as much white as possible without too much waste. sometimes the green outer part of the stem can be stringy/chewy. but this will depend on the brocoli

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