Coles Is Launching A Chain Of ‘Express’ Stores With 80 Cent Coffees

Coles Is Launching A Chain Of ‘Express’ Stores With 80 Cent Coffees

7 Eleven is about to get some stiff competition when it comes to cheap morning coffee. The supermarket giant Coles is rolling out a new chain of express outlets dubbed “Big Yum at Little Coles”. Focusing on healthy snacks and beverages to go, the stores’ main claim to fame will be fresh coffee for just 80c a cup.

Big Yum at Little Coles is an experimental new Coles brand which recently launched three stores in the Victorian suburbs of Kew, South Yarra and Windsor. Taking a leaf from 7 Eleven, the stores boast small footprints and provide a range of drinks and snacks; including the quintessential “Slurpy”. (Well, sort of. Coles is actually selling a knockoff version called “Guzzle Bomb”. Presumably it contains a similar mixture of ice and fortified syrup.)

The stores also feature a pick-and-mix nut station and a wider range of bakery items, including doughnuts, muffins and croissants. But the real draw card here is piping hot coffee under a buck. Provided it doesn’t taste too terrible, this could be the key driver to this new format’s success. The 9-to-5 brigade needs its caffeine, after all. We’ll be sure to check out one of these stores the next time we’re in Melbourne, so keep an eye out for a review!

[Via Business Insider]


  • Sounds like a Coles Express servo without the petrol and some mixed nuts added. They flog 80c coffees there too, much like 7-11 coffee it’s serviceable if you’re not too fussy.

  • If the coffee is anything like the ones in their servo, they’re not going to see much business after the initial hype.

  • 80 cents… for now… soon rising to $2.00, $5.00, $6.95, once people have gotten used to buying their coffee from there

  • I tired the 80c coffee at Coles/Shell

    It was.. American coffee week and bland (like drinking lightly flavored water)

    7-11 coffee is rather good, especially from a servo and a machine. I have been to cafes that has worse coffee

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