How To (Potentially) Fix Pokemon Go Server Issues

How To (Potentially) Fix Pokemon Go Server Issues

It appears that a large number of Pokemon Go players in Australia are unable to access the game this morning due to server issues. The problem seems to be affecting other regions around the world as well. If you’re a Pokemon Go player currently suffering from withdrawal, don’t worry. There is a trick you can use to try and reconnect to the Pokemon Go servers.

Image: Lifehacker

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Ever since Pokemon Go was launched a week ago, the servers hosting the game have been pounded by the influx of players that have jumped on the bandwagon to “Catch ’em all”. As a result, the game had been sporadically crashing and becoming unresponsive for many players. So far, the game has expanded to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA.

The problem is so serious that Niantic has actually paused its global rollout of Pokemon Go until the server issues are fixed:

This morning, Pokemon players around the world, including Australia, were greeted with this message:

Image: Lifehacker Australia

It is likely that Niantic pulled the servers temporarily to make necessary upgrades that will (hopefully) ensure that the gameplay experience is consistent and the service is reliable for new and existing players.

Anything will be an improvement on this:

But if you are desperate to play Pokemon Go again, one Redditor has apparently found a simple way to reconnect to the servers even when they are down. This isn’t a guaranteed fix but, as detailed in the Reddit thread, this method has worked for some players:

  • Disable the GPS/Location on your phone (you can do this in the Settings) and attempt to log in.
  • Once you’re in the game (even if your avatar is standing in the middle of the ocean), enable GPS again and you should be ready to go.

We have tried this at our end but no luck so far (Edit: It worked!). If you do try this trick, let us know how it goes in the comments.


  • How much longer are we going to be getting Pokemon Go updates, and how on earth does this qualify as anything to do with Lifehacking???

    • Hi kai,

      Lifehacker has three sections: Life, Work, ITPro. While we do share a lot of tips for day-to-day life, we do focus on technology hacks as well. Pokemon Go, especially since it has such a big user base in Australia, falls into the latter category.

      We are trying to space out Pokemon Go articles so we don’t overwhelm the website with stories on one topic.

      Hope this helps!



      • And a life tip in return – don’t be an obnoxious prick if you don’t have anything constructive to add.

        • I thought that was very constructive. He was giving you a solid life hack. Stop clicking articles that you clearly didn’t want to read and then complaining to the author of the article about the fact that they are writing about topics you don’t like….

          Makes sense to us. Just click on stuff you like and you will be happier in your life.

          Or download pokemon go and go play outside….

          • Questioning the avalanche of game playing tips on a blog geared towards productivity is not complaining – it was asking a question – to which Spandas gave a useful and friendly answer (it doesn’t change my disagreement of the number of articles about Pokemon Go, but is actually a constructive and informative answer).
            Trotting out the old “don’t read what you don’t want” line is far from constructive. In amongst the piles of piles of Pokemon Go articles in my feed that I *do not* click on because I couldn’t give a rat’s freckle, I had to pick one in which to ask my question.

            The realisation that I’m attempting to justify anything here when the person that the question was directed at has answered it makes me wonder what I am doing with my life.

  • Just tried it and this worked for me. Turned off Location, logged in and then turned it back on. Thanks. In the US fwiw.

  • Worked for me… Logged in without Location Services on, then turned it on and I got in.

  • Didn’t work for me. I’m going with the theory that all the issues are intentional to hype the game. I myself am getting sick of the issues and may just give up playing it.

  • It isnt going to help with people in countries that haven’t seen the rollout yet are becoming users anyway through the availability of apk files.

  • Didn’t work the first time I tried it. Waited a few minutes and then tried it again and it worked! I’m in the US btw.

  • hi~ this actually worked for me for open pokemon go ,but when I try to create nickname for trainer , always failed ,any other on happen this ?

  • It worked somewhat but only for pokestops and gyms… no pokemon unfortunately. But still a great hack

  • Had been checking for the last 6 hours. Disabled my wifi and bam, in straight away. Melbourne CBD

  • Worked for me in Brisbane, but it seems to lock up every time I catch a new Pokemon. If I exit the app and log in again it seems fine.

    Also, I just noticed a new Gym appeared today at The Gasworks. Pretty sure it wasn’t there yesterday. So maybe they’re rolling out new POI’s?

    EDIT: Actually, I just got booted and can no longer get in 🙁 Lost 15 mins of incense

  • When i tried this with the account I’ve got it wouldn’t work, but I tried setting up a new account doing this (which also previously didn’t work with location on) and that worked, however it crashed as soon as I turned on location.

  • yeah it worked here on the sunshine coast, but it picked up my first account i created for some reason… lol

  • Tried the GPS thing before, didnt work.

    If I am on my 4G and I drop and cant get back in, I start my wifi and find a public access point (coffee shop, maccas, council wifi) and then restart it and then I usually get in. May have to do with the wifi-location being known by google, maybe just the 4G cant push data through the authentication / loading sequence.

  • Didn’t work. I lost my account when servers went down. Tryed to log back in. It’s starting me over new. So now I’m out my gold pack I bought ? WTF.

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