Why Pokemon GO Keeps Crashing (And How To Fix It)

Despite promises by Niantic, the creators of Pokemon GO, to add capacity to overloaded servers, the popular mobile game is still crashing for users around the world. The problem was particularly noticeable over the weekend. Niantic recognises that the influx of new players swarming its servers are causing connectivity issues for some Pokemon GO users. It seems the game also experienced a dedicated denial of service (DDoS) attack which made everything worse. Read on for more details and a way to access Pokemon GO even when the servers are down.

Pokemon GO servers are already being pummelled by the high volume of players which has been causing the game to crash or become inaccessible for a large chunk of users. The last thing it needed was a DDoS attack which cause even more connectivity woes for players.

More Pokemon GO DDoS Attacks To Follow?

Over the weekend a group called PoodleCorp claimed responsibility for launching a huge DDoS attack on Pokemon GO servers, which essentially involves overwhelming servers with a flood of request from zombie accounts. Apparently this is just the beginning of more attacks that the group is planning on the augmented reality Pokemon catching game that has taken the world by storm:

After launching in the US and Australia two weeks ago, Niantic is planning to continue its rollout to additional countries. It has just released the game in Europe and Canada. The company has said it will be boosting server capacity to meet the high demand for Pokemon GO, but that could take some time.

Check If Pokemon GO is Currently Working In Your Area

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For Australian players, AussieOutages.com has been tracking outages that have been occurring locally. Most people that have reported issues are experiencing server connection and log-in issues. You can check out the live chart for yourself here.

Troubleshoot Your Pokemon GO Problems

If you’re currently hooked on Pokemon GO, inevitably you would have run into problems such as the game freezing up (when your game stops responding or when that spinning Poke Ball icon on the left of the screen doesn’t go away). Your only recourse is to either wait it out or to kill the app and restart.

If you are greeted with a “Server unavailable. Please try again later” message when you fire up Pokemon GO on your phone, then one way to force yourself back onto servers is to follow the instructions below. We’ve reported on this before and judging from the swathe of commenters that have said that this method worked for them, it’s definitely worth giving this a shot:

  • Disable the GPS/Location on your phone (you can do this in the Settings) and attempt to log in.
  • Once you’re in the game (even if your avatar is standing in the middle of the ocean), enable GPS again and you should be ready to go.

Are you currently experiencing problems when playing Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments.

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