Is Eagle Boys Flying Into The Sunset?

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After struggling financially for a number of years, the cult Australian pizza chain Eagle Boys is in danger of shutting down for good. Today, the company went into voluntary administration which usually doesn't bode well for a business' future (just look at Dick Smith.) If you're a fan of its famously large Family Size pizzas, you better order a few while you still can.

Eagle Boys has collapsed into voluntary administration with administrators SV Partners called in to take stock of the company's finances, reports SMH. It's the latest — and biggest — blow to a company that was once considered part of the Australian pizza industry's "big three".

Prior to today's news, Eagle Boys had been on a downward trajectory for some time. Over the past few years it closed half of its outlets around the country and has been embroiled in several pay disputes with employees and franchisee owners. A buyout by NBC Capital was also thought to hurt the franchise, with the new owners allegedly cutting back on advertising and flyers.

According to an official statement from the company, all Eagle Boys stores will continue to operate while the Administrators' review is underway. If a sale is negotiated, the brand could live on for another day, but we wouldn't hold out much hope. According to data from the ASIC, of all companies that enter voluntary administration, just over one quarter (26 per cent) are saved.

This is pretty crummy news for cheap fast food fans. Eagle Boys has always been a personal favourite of mine and it was the first Australian pizza chain to offer pork ribs and chicken wings as part of its regular menu. We'll be sad to see it go.

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    i don't get from there cause they are too far away, they need more stores

    This is terrible. My local Eagle Boys is amazing. Hopefully the franchisee manages to stay open under a different name.

    My (now ex) local Eagle Boys pizza's were very average, half the time the pizzas were undercooked, soggy and half cold by the time they were delivered considering they were only 5 minues up the road it was more than unacceptable.

    They were only open about 6 months before closing down.

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    Eagle boys:

    It's sad. Back when I lived near them, we used to get it all the time. Much better than any other pizza offering :(

    I remember pizza haven in adelaide, sa owned competing with the big pizza hut chain and holding its own... then dominos entered the market....:(

    Guess they've stopped making the "other" deliveries that they used to make when they first opened...

    Eagle Boys were good once, but I gave up on their local store after several orders where they skimped outrageously on toppings. On one occasion I ordered a triple pepperoni and there was a total of three slices of pepperoni per slice of pizza.

    I submitted a complaint on the company website and they issued a refund and the store called me to say to mention the problem in future orders, but I never ordered from them again. I'm no more willing to buy discounted third-rate pizza than full-price third-rate pizza.

    When they first came out they were selling superior pizzas at a slight premium, but after they started chasing discounts (and reducing quality) I eventually gave up on them.

    These days I either order from Pizza Hut (with extra toppings) or from a proper Italian restaurant.

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