Hungry? Eagle Boys Has Just Launched A 15-Inch Monster Pizza

Hungry? Eagle Boys Has Just Launched A 15-Inch Monster Pizza

Eagle Boys has unleashed the biggest pizza it has ever sold: the imaginatively-titled Family Pizza. Packing 16 slices into a single-15 inch base, it’s more than 50 per cent bigger than an Eagle Boys’ large size. Any pizza can be upgraded to a Family 15 for an extra $5. Well, that’s dinner sorted, then.

Following a soft launch in South Australia, the Eagle Boys Family pizza is now available nationwide. All varieties of Eagle Boys’ pizzas can be upgraded to a 15-inch base for a flat rate of $5 per pizza; including premium varieties such as the Butcher’s Block and Garlic Prawn.

“The new family 15 inch pizza is 56% bigger than the Eagle Boys 12” Large Pizza,” Eagle Boys explained in a statement. “A whopping 16 slices can be cut from the family 15 inch monster, with each slice offering the same excellent taste, quality and toppings than the one before, so no arguments on who is getting the best piece!”

A three inch upgrade for $5 seems like a pretty good deal to us, specially if you plump for the EB’s Finest range. The new-sized pizzas are also available in a range of combo deals. We’ll be giving this monster the Taste Test treatment soon.


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