The 10 Hours When Pizza Happens: Why Eagle Boys Switched To Azure

One of the key selling points for cloud computing is the ability to scale up on demand and make changes on-demand. One of the key selling points for pizza is the ability to have a hot meal delivered on-demand to your house. That's at the heart of why franchise chain Eagle Boys has long used a cloud computing approach, and recently migrated its core IT systems onto Microsoft's Australian Azure data centres.

In a blog post on Microsoft's Australian site, Eagle Boys IT manager Darryn Parker explains the similarities between pepperoni and platform-as-a-service:

Eagle Boys is the perfect candidate for cloud computing. We’ll do the vast majority of our transactions within a 10 hour block during the week, and we have busiest periods on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Therefore, the ability to scale up and down our cloud services and pay accordingly is a huge advantage for our business, fiscally and operationally. We’re essentially reducing the risk profile of our infrastructure by not having it available when it’s not needed.

Parker says that using Azure makes creating standardised environments for franchisees easier, and using the local region enables support to be farmed out to a wider group of organisations. Keeping franchisees happy is definitely a priority for Eagle Boys right now, with a dispute flaring last year over how franchisee marketing funds were spent.

Eagle Boys Soars with Microsoft Azure [Microsoft Australia Blog]


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