13 Obscure Punctuation Marks You Should Be Using [Infographic]

13 Obscure Punctuation Marks You Should Be Using [Infographic]

Are you getting a little bored of periods, exclamation marks and commas? Need to spice up your writing but not quite ready to use emojis and emoticons? Luckily there’s a whole wealth of obscure punctuation marks for you to make use of, from the interrobang to the snark mark.

Not only do these punctuation marks look great and add a little interest to your writing, a lot of them also fill important roles that aren’t yet covered by any other types of punctuation. Need to express excitement in the middle of a sentence? You can use an exclamation comma for that. People on the internet having a hard time detecting your sarcasm? You have the choice of two whole punctuation marks you can use to express that. Yay.~

Check out the rest of the obscure punctuation marks in the graphic below.

Which one’s your new favourite? Let us know in the comments!


  • “13 obscure punctuation marks, 5 of which are proposed by a single entity, and only 4 of which have a Unicode representation.” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  • Sadly this list isn’t so great. The use of .~ to mean snark – in particular – will cause a huge issue for every Otaku on the planet who use it to signify holding a vowel – as in Hello~

    The rest, meh.

  • No wonder some never made it to common use, being trademarked and all…

    You can’t trademark something and then wonder why no one’s using it…

    …Just waiting for the money to start rolling in.

  • Actually in Spanish ( ¿ ) is used at the begging of interrogative phrases. Same applied to exclamatory ( ¡ ).
    How are you? -> ¿Como estás?

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